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Have you heard of Benzinga? If you trade stocks you know that news is how we make our money. I’ve been trying to find the best way to get news quickly before everyone else but it seemed impossible. By the time I heard something the stock was already ripping higher and could no longer chase it. After trying Twitter, Financial Juice, Market Watch, and many others, I just could not get ahead of the market. Then I heard about Benzinga and thought I’d give it a try with their free trial that they offer. That became a decision that led me to buying a yearly membership without a second thought.

Benzinga Pro offers a lot of different ways to deliver news, but the most interesting one is the Mach III plan that includes Audio Squawk alerts. This is what sets Benzinga apart from the others, Real-time audio alerts over the internet so you’ll never miss anything that’s happening. I have profited many times from the audio alerts, and also when I’m not at my desk, I can turn my speakers up and here any breaking news. You have to try it to believe it.

Here’s what they cover;

  • Profitable rumors
  • Must-see earnings beats & misses
  • Tradable ratings upgrades, downgrades and initial coverage
  • Anything they believe will make you money
  • Unusual high volume in stocks and options
  • Audio Squawk Coverage also Includes:
    • Conference calls
    • Economic data releases
    • Company management
    • Critical breaking news
    • Market rumors and chatter
    • Press conferences
    • Key comments from interviews

In addition to the audio alerts;

  • Benzinga Pro’s real-time browser-based newsfeed breaks market-moving news and rumors, while providing non-biased analysis
  • Industry relationships with small, mid, and large-cap companies
  • Instant e-mail alerts covering your custom portfolio, individual stocks and entire industry sectors
  • Profitable Rumors Benzinga Pro consistently sources market-moving rumors that get traders in and out of positions before the Street
  • Hundreds of calls per day to company executives, market makers, industry professionals and market analysts sourcing stories before they hit the Street
  • First to break market rumors and news on a daily basis

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 5.49.52 PM

*Audio Squawk only available on Mach III and IV plans.

Here’s a special offer to try Benzinga for only $1 so you can see if it will work for you before committing. Click here to get the deal!

Benzinga Professional Video Demonstration


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