BioTech Breakouts – Review


Kyle Dennis, biotech whiz kid and former apprentice of Jason Bond’s Millionaire Roadmap is starting his own newsletter called Biotech Breakouts. I am so excited about this opportunity to look over Kyle’s shoulder and I know I’m not alone. The website server for Kyle’s new website crashed from all the interest when it was first announced.

Starting Monday October 3rd, Kyle will start teaching and alerting his own biotech picks that have turned him in to a millionaire in less than three years. From 15k to over 1.6 million and not to mention over 500k in just the last 4 months, who wouldn’t be interested!?

Here’s a breakdown of what Kyle will be offering and also a FREE email signup is available here.

Just announced Kyle will be starting over to 25k in the Biotech Nucleus starting 10/02/17

Watch him live on screen share trade back to a Million+.

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Lightning Alerts– Day and Swing Trades for active Traders

Receive an email watch list every morning with Kyle’s and Keith Kern’s (Head day trader in Lightning alerts chat, check out my full review on Keith Kern and the lightning chat and why I think its the best day trading chat ever!) favorite chart set ups. 

Biotech FDA Insider Alerts – Longer Term Account Builder

With our long-term trading program you’ll also receive a watch list of upcoming catalyst events in the biotech sector, a portfolio summary, plus email & text alerts for every trade Kyle makes. Email trade alerts each week as Kyle scouts out his best trade ideas. Start the week with watch list of upcoming catalyst events in the biotech sector with commentary. 

Biotech Nucleus – Mentoring (I’m subscribed to this service since inception, 10/01/16)

Kyle has started the Million Dollar Mission, with a goal to take 25k and build it to over 1 Million all shown live via screen share and mic. This started the week of 10/02/17, so I recommend getting on board ASAP and watch Kyle work his magic. I will be following along very closely myself, rebalancing my account to 60k. 

With this program you‘ll get VIP attention from Kyle Dennis along with both the Catalyst Swing Trading and Long-Term Trading programs, plus video watch lists, video portfolio summaries, plus private & semi-private mentoring to accelerate your success.

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Why Am I Joining?

I will be updating this review as I get settled in to the new service over the next month so make sure to check back often. I have been following Kyle since he announced back in May that he was about to hit a million dollars. He became the recipient of a brand new Porsche from Jason Bond’s Millionaire Roadmap. It was then that he revealed his strategies and took all of us by surprise. Since then he is still killing it with huge returns. I’ve been waiting for him to announce something like this and I couldn’t be more excited.

First Week Update – I am really excited to announce that I’ve paid for my membership fee for Nucleus in less than 7 days on the first 3 swing trades alerted from Kyle. Total net profit was just over 3k, also in addition to the swing trades Kyle is also active in the nucleus chat and alerted a couple day trades that he took. I’ve profited just over 1k from those. Total profit so far is $4,178. So I’m already net profit after signing up and thats after only 1 week!

More details here

Who is Kyle Dennis?

In less than 2 years Kyle Dennis turned 15,000 dollars in to over 1 million and won himself a brand new Porsche in the process. His story is truly inspiring and has been going viral on the internet since Jason Bond of Jason Bond Picks gave him a brand new Porsche.

Jason Bond and Kyle Dennis Porsche Giveaway


Kyle joined Jason Bond Picks in 2014 and began building his account following strategies that he learned from Jason and applying those to the biotech sector. In the summer of 2015 Kyle was one of the first people to join Jason’s newly created mentor program which is now called Millionaire Roadmap. Jason believed so much in the success of his students that he would give the first Millionaire Roadmap student a brand new Porsche if they reached a million dollars trading with his service.

Fast forward a year and Kyle was continuing to build his account at a very fast rate and was hinting to Jason that he was getting close to the million. Most of us thought, yea right Jason is going to give someone a Porsche!? Kyle apparently thought the same thing! After Jason did a full audit on Kyle’s trading account he had to put his money where his mouth was. As you can see it happened in June at an event in Vegas, Jason met with Kyle and gave him the keys to a brand new Porsche.

Kyle stated in a live webinar that he did for millionaire roadmap clients that his success came from applying Jason’s swing trading strategies with biotech catalysts. Amazingly he’s amassed more profits that Jason himself in such a short time. Kyle is now teaching roadmap clients everyday and also providing watch lists of biotech stocks that he is watching. For example, Kyle likes biotech companies that have an upcoming event that may lead to positive results, playing the run-up and getting out before the actual date to reduce risk.

If you are interested in learning more about Kyle, check out his new website Kyle is introducing his own newsletters. I will be joining and also begin working on a more detailed review, if you’re serious about learning from this biotech whiz kid, now is the time!

If you’re interested in hearing more about his story you can check out a full interview Jason did with him on his website at Also you can find my personal review and results on the Millionaire Roadmap program here.