Warrior Trading Review

Interested in learning how to become a day trader? If you’re like me you want to make money every day and never take a loss. Although that is everyones goal, its an extremely hard task. I stumbled across WarriorTrading.com (Formerly Day Trade Warrior) and thought I would give it a try. I quickly found that one of the things I was severely lacking was risk management.

I learned a ton while a member of Ross’s service however, I decided to cancel my membership. It led me to way more consistent losses and no matter what I did I just couldn’t mirror Ross’s success especially as the service became larger. I decided to go back and focus on swing and day trading with Jason Bond Picks because I was at least profitable then and it worked for me (Here’s my results so far with Millionaire Roadmap). That doesn’t mean that Ross’s service won’t work for you and I think he should still be given some consideration.

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Here’s what you get;

Topics Covered – All topics covered during Market Hours are in brief summary as questions arise. For in depth education refer to the Advanced and Master Trading Courses.

  • Risk Management, the Psychology of Trading, profit loss ratios, target levels of % success. When to take your losses. Learning to be okay with being wrong.
  • The Right Stocks to Trade – How to combat High Frequency Trading, institutional traders, and market maker manipulation. Why we focus on high volume stocks, how to trade breaking news, how to interpret the price action of major indexes. How to identify stocks with high profit potential. Understanding Stock Float and Relative Volume.
  • How to Scan for Chart Patterns – Finding Gappers, Earnings, and Stocks In Play.
  • Intraday discussion of Support and Resistance – Basic introduction to Daily Chart Patterns, importance of Clean Daily Charts, finding areas of no support/resistance. Importance of Gappers.
  • Live Trade Alerts on my favorite Intra-day Chart Patterns that I trade everyday to make a living – Including Bull Flags, Bear Flags, Wedges, Bottoms Bounces, Top Pull Backs, Breaking News trades, How to read Volume
  • How to use Trailing Stops on the 5min chart to increase your winners, why I scale out of all my trades to protect profits. Order types, Limit vs Market, Stop order Types, When to take profits.
  • Reading Level 2 and Order execution details including.
  • How to Swing Trade using Top and Bottom Reversal Strategies


Membership Benefits include;

✔  Live Trade Alerts in our Day Trading Chat Room

✔  12 hour, 16 hour, 32 hour Trading Courses available for add’l cost (members receive a discount)

✔  Documented Track Record

✔  Live Audio Commentary and Advanced Notice on all Buys/Sells

✔  All Trades accompanied by review of Setup Type, Risk Level, and Stop

✔  Strict Risk Management by focusing on High Volume stocks

✔  Buy and Sell Alerts on the Hot Movers each day


How much do you need to Day Trade and how to avoid the Pattern Day Trade rule?

For many people, having over 25k to avoid the pattern day trader rule can be holding you back from becoming a stock trader. IF you’re interested in day trading with out dealing with the PDT rule, you can open an account with SureTrader. For more information you can check out my review here. SureTrader has 6:1 buying power and a $500 min to open an account. This is how many people get around the 25k minimum for US brokers.

What Skill Levels are required? 

The chatroom contains all skill levels. Trading courses are split up into different skill levels also. Beginners should take caution and not trade right away and I highly recommend paper trading at first until you become comfortable and consistent. Play small positions and slowly work your way up as you get more skilled. There are no refunds in the stock market.


Prefer trading Penny Stocks? check out my review on a great penny alert service called Penny Pro


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