How to use SpeedTrader or SureTrader on a Mac

SpeedTrader is low cost stock broker with low commissions and a fast platform called DAS Trader Pro. It’s so fast that it made my head spin for the better part of a month the first time I used it. The ability to use hot keys is by far my favorite feature, with just two clicks on my keyboard I can sell all or part of my position. The only downside is the platform does not work on Mac’s. Don’t let that discourage you though, check out the video below to get a quick tutorial on how to get it to work. You will need to purchase a program to let you use it (Crossover for Mac) but it’s super easy to set it up.

Also if you’re using SureTrader, then the set up is the exact same way. They use the same platform so you can follow the same instructions.

*I am no longer using SpeedTrader, I switched back to Etrade Pro because I found their customer service is top notch and better support. I had no issues with SpeedTrader but just preference for right now. Some commenters are reporting that they are having some problems with using Crossover to run the DAS Trader Platform. Make sure you check you have the latest Crossover and updates. Also from time to time updates might be out of sync causing problems running temporarily. If anyone has any input on those issues comment below to help out others!

How to use SpeedTrader or SureTraderPro on Mac

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