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Putting together a list of many of the questions I receive by email or also that I see come up in the chatroom about Jason Bond Picks. Also please feel free to add any questions below in the comments if you still have questions! When you’re done see my full review here!

How much does the service cost? 

Currently the swing trading newsletter costs $297 quarterly (yearly is available at a discounted rate). Includes real-time swing trade alerts from Jason by email and text. Access to a chatroom with 400+ everyday, also day trade alerts from Luke Murray and Bart Van. Plus over 50 video lessons to learn Jason’s strategy.

How much money to do you need to trade with?

This comes up all the time and it really doesn’t matter except that smaller accounts will take longer to build. You also have to deal with the pattern day trade rule but you can get around that with SureTrader. Also smaller accounts may want to consider starting out with penny stocks. They are more risky, however they can be managed and offer larger percent returns. I recommend PennyPro if that interests you.

How hard is it to get the same entry as Jason? 

If you’re waiting for Jason to buy you aren’t getting with the program. You might as well give your money to some computer algorithm and let it trade it for you. Jason is teaching you how to trade and giving you the tools to do it as well has a daily watch list of almost everything he is watching. Review the watch list everyday and see what set ups you like. Buy at the entry you are comfortable not just wait for Jason. I buy from the watch list and don’t wait for Jason. When and if Jason buys, then its a bonus. If he doesn’t buy that doesn’t mean its still not a good set up. This is the part that is the hardest and you will learn it over time. The best part is, once you buy you can set your stops that Jason provided from the watch list, put it in overdrive and go on with your day.

Which broker should I use?

I started out using Etrade pro which was more than sufficient for swing trading. If you have less than 25k I would recommend using SureTrader (I have review on that here).

Does Jason offer a free trial? 

Since I’ve been a member, no. The best I’ve seen is a $1 10-day trial offer a few times during the year. If you belong to his free email list then you will know when he offers them (Sign up here). His reason behind it, is he wants people who are serious about learning and the only real way to filter them out is by paying for a 3 month subscription. That way you can see how it all works.

Who is Luke Murray and Bart Van? 

The moderators in the chat room. They both have different styles of trading and alert their trades every day, all day. It doesn’t take long to pick up their styles. And both are extremely successful at what they do.

Does Jason Offer Refunds? 

No refunds on what you have already paid and you must cancel your auto-renewing subscription on the website before it renew’s. I hear people complain that he doesn’t offer refunds, and that part is true, but it’s also because someone forgot to cancel their auto-renew. It can be done on the website or by emailing jason@jasonbondpicks.com 



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