Jason Bond Picks is Expanding

jason bond picks cutoutJason Bond Picks has announced some updates to expand the swing trade newsletter and also is introducting a mentor service. I thought I would outline the changes here and what current and future members can expect. It’s been a really exciting year for the service with Jason up 137% YTD (as of 6/11/15) and I don’t see it slowing down at this point. The service has always been focused on part swing trading without being chained to your computer. Jason has noticed though that some of the swing trades he alerts can be fairly aggressive and many part timers may be missing out on some of the action. With over 3,000 members, I think its time Jason splits up the service to cover more needs of their members.

Jason will now have 3 different options for members to subscribe to. 

Active Swing Trading – This is the current newsletter that is in place and it will stay the same. Swing Trades 1-4 day hold times, 5-20%. Rinse and Repeat.

*New Passive Swing Trading – Members can now choose a less aggressive long term option. These swing trades will be aimed at 1 week to a few months. Again 5-20%+. This newsletter will be the same price as the Active option but with easier entries and exits.

*New Mentor Program – Finally Jason has been asked to do this for years and he is finally ready to make it happen. This will be a personalized one on one access to Jason himself, and also Luke Murray. This program will include private video lessons and daily recaps. A private chat room with Jason and Luke. It’s not cheap, but Jason expects that the fee is far less than tuition many have spent on a degree that will give you far less of a future than what he plans to teach you with his swing trading. This program is currently unadvertised, the sales page is only available here.

I think this brings some exciting new changes to Jason’s service. For those already subscribed to the Active newsletter will not see any changes and Jason expects to see a 200%+ return this year in that portfolio. Should be an exciting second half to 2015!

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