Jason Bond Picks – 2017 Review

~Updated 06/30/17~

I joined Jason Bond Picks almost 3 years ago and I myself was a skeptic. After reading all the “reviews” out there I decided to just do it. I have  learned so much from Jason and the community at Jason Bond Picks, that I myself am having extraordinary results. Through utilizing all of the tools offered by Jason I gained over 225% or $225,000 in 2016 and currently over 135% or $77,000 in 2017. I will be sharing my experiences with the service, good and bad.

I am constantly updating this page so feel free to check back often or subscribe. I recommend reading through this whole review if you’re serious about joining. Many people want to get you to sign up for Jason Bond Picks without really telling you how it all works, offering you free gimmicks and they aren’t even actual members. Not here. I am a real member with a real community of followers and other traders all trying to maximize their potential at trading and living the dream. I’m giving you as many details about what the service offers, my experiences and tips on how to be successful. Make sure you also check out the rest of my blog to follow my amazing journey to trading stocks!

Jason’s 2017 Performance +215% +$215,211.86 profit in 2017 as of 6/30/17

Jason’s Portfolio YTD return in 2016 was +330% +$330,000. 

My Portfolio in January was up over 100%, ended the month +60k after rebalancing to 57k, applying the strategies that I learned at Jason Bond Picks. See my twitter page for verification. 

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Latest News

  • Petra Hess who has been teaching Millionaire Roadmap members over the last year has branched off on her own, www.PetraPicks.com; check out how she has a proven strategy of trading highly liquid large-cap stocks that can be easily mirrored and doesn’t require tons of capital.
  • Kyle Dennis, Jason’s client who turned 15k in to over 1.6 million is now starting his own newsletter, full details here or visit his new page at www.BioTechBreakouts.com.
  • Jose Canseco 2x World Series Champ joins the Millionaire Roadmap mentor.
  • Jason is giving away the first Porsche to a client who turned 15,000 into over 1 million in less than two years. Kyle is only 25 years old and has actually out performed Jason! Kyle will be teaching mentor clients very soon about how he did it. As a mentor client myself, I am really excited about this!
  • 2-Time World Champion Boxer Frank Mir is joining the Millionaire Roadmap service. I guess Frank has been interested in learning how to trade and contacted Jason to teach him. Pretty awesome. Here’s the press release regarding the news of Frank and the porsche giveaway to Kyle. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/stock-trading-mentor-jason-bond-awarding-porsche-911-to-his-protege-300285110.html

Jason Bond Porsche Giveaway

Free Access: 7 Costly Mistakes New Traders Make

7 Costly Mistakes by Jason Bond

Service’s Overview

Jason Bond Picks offers 2 different services;

Swing Trading

  • 3 – 5 swing trade alerts per week with 1 – 4 day hold times
  • Stocks listed on a national exchange between $1 – $10 with a market cap between $50 million – $2 billion
  • Conservative 5 – 20%, rinse and repeat
  • All entries and exits in real time by email and text
  • Works with small accounts but is scalable for fat cats
  • Daily watch list and full access to education suite
  • Long Term trading watchlist and alerts for busier professionals who wants easier entries and exits.


Millionaire Roadmap Mentor

Jason is offering a more personalized service to teach members how to swing trade just like him. Also you will have a private chatroom with Jason Bond, Jeff Williams and now Bart Van to trade with during the day and they will always be available to assist and teach. Watch them make trades live and teach you exactly what they are looking at and why they are taking the trade. If you’re familiar with Jason’s track record then the most valuable part of the Millionaire Roadmap will be the live screen share of Jason’s Etrade account. Members can watch every trade that Jaso
So far demand has been high and with Jason’s huge returns posted every year he’s been receiving interest from big name people like Jose Canseco and Frank Mir. I dedicated a page with more details here. Also there I share some of my results since joining.
*Penny Stocks – You will rarely see penny stocks alerted in Jason’s chatroom. If you’re looking for a way to grow smaller accounts more quickly, then you can check out a service I also use called PennyPro. Check out my full review on Penny Pro here!

To get all the latest updates, subscribe to Jason’s free email list.

>>>View Jason’s Etrade Live Here>>>


Here’s a preview of how day trading alerts in Chat works for me…(Easier to view full screen and change to 1080p)

Year to date Performance

As of 06/30/17, Jason is up +215% +$215,211.86 profit in 2017.

Jason’s Trade log;    ~Jason’s trade log dated as far back to 2012 is available for all members to see.

Jason will occasionally do a live video feed and talk about his progress, trade ideas, or service updates. I decided to take a screen shot to show you something that you don’t usually see with other newsletters…Jason’s actual Etrade platform. On this day, Jason had 4 out of 5 stocks green, you will see he is actually trading exactly what he alerts to his members. Currently Jason is streaming is Etrade platform live everyday for Millionaire Roadmap clients. (Click the image and then click arrows on top left to view full size) Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 2.11.32 PM


What are the latest coupon codes and discounts?

If you’re searching the internet trying to find coupon codes or some kind of discount, stop looking. There aren’t any. Since I’ve been a member, the only promotions I’ve seen Jason Bond Picks run is a $1 trial that lasts for 1 to 2 weeks, or discounts for buying a yearly subscription vs. the quarterly. I would not trust anyone offering discounts and only ever buy through Jason’s website. Any discounts that are offered will be sent to you via email from Jason. So if you want to know if he does decide to run a special promo, sign up for his free email list.

Is Jason Bond Picks a Scam?

If you’ve been doing your research you have probably come across this a few times. It’s important to know what you are getting when it comes to stock alert services. Many newsletters out there are apart of bigger companies known as stock promoters. Stock promoters are paid to promote stocks and cause a influx of volume but for no real reason. In many cases the stocks that are promoted can run 10’s and 100’s of a percent in just a few days and then suddenly dump off when people realize what is really happening. Jason has stated many times that he is NOT a stock promoter. In fact, it is required by the SEC that Jason or any known stock promoter must make it known that they are in fact stock promoters and they themselves are not allowed to have any money in the stock that they are promoting. Jason uses his own system of scanning charts and looking for his favorite technical setups that he uses to make his 5-20% profits. I’ve spent over two years subscribed to Jason’s service and I am still a believer in his ability to pick stocks with the highest probability of making me money. Whenever you hear negative reviews, its usually because people aren’t following the rules. They are just mirroring Jason’s alerts and buying at any price when they receive it. I watch Jason buy and sell most of the trades he alerts because he streams his e-trade account live everyday in the mentor service. Find another service out there that does that!

>>>View Jason’s Etrade Live Here>>>

Just as he reiterates over and over again, most of the time he will sell half his position when he makes between 5-20%. He also tells members that they should also do the same thing, pay yourself. That is when you hear people complaining that Jason is selling in to his members. I believe that this only happens to those who aren’t following the lessons and the fact that they are buying at that price (5-20% higher than the alert) are putting themselves in that position and should know better to do so. With almost 4,000 paying members, there will always be people in the Jason Bond Picks service that don’t follow the rules. More on this topic in the complaints section below.

Fake Testimonials?

Towards the end of this review I’ve posted some testimonials of Jason Bond Picks that I have collected over the years either from chat or from Jason’s emails. A few times I’ve been one of them. Jason sent out an alert on 6/14/16 for BSPM that went parabolic not long after. I myself made $4,064. Jason sent out this email to clients soon after… Screenshot of Jason Bond's email I also got a shout out from Jason from how much I made in the chat room. “All out BSPM $4,064 realized today. Thanks JB!” ~ Kevin E. Here’s my proof… My Etrade Screenshot

Why Choose a Stock Newsletter?

Ok now you’re asking why I care about talking about all of this. First of all when I started looking for services to help me get started I didn’t know who or what to believe. There is a lot of crap out there on the internet. I decided to take a leap and try this service without having any clue what to expect. Next thing I know I made $15,000+ in my second full month trading. This is documented on my youtube page here. From then on and for many other reasons I knew I made the right decision.  Secondly Jason doesn’t advertise so that made it even more difficult to find information and people calling it a scam. I would never recommend anything that I don’t truly believe in, so thats why I’m telling you everything I know to help you make the best decision possible. This isn’t for everybody, trading stocks is TOUGH! STRESSFUL! You name it, but it can also be REWARDING! Here’s another reason why I’m telling you about his service, the more people who sign up the better. We have a chat room with 500+ people daily and its a great community to be apart of. Lots of support and most importantly thats 1000+ eye balls glued to watching stocks. So the more people the better!

Blog Post: My 8 Simple Steps to be a Stock Trader


The Jason Bond Picks swing trading newsletter has thousands of clients. I get asked by many people if its possible to get the price that Jason pays on his alerts. Buying and selling is up to you. Jason emphasizes this is about learning not just mirroring and he is 100% correct. Manage your own trades! Jason will manage his. There are two things that happens that can help you get the best price possible.

  1. The first is Jason puts out a watch list every evening/morning, these lists contain a few stocks that he is watching that day. They don’t always work out and sometimes he will buy a stock other than whats on the watch list. But this can give you an opportunity to get ahead of him if you learn how he trades, you can a lot of times spot where his entries might be. There have been times where I bought a stock from his watch list and he never bought it. And thats ok! It doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good buy, but if you are using the fundamentals that he teaches you will still be successful. Sometimes stocks from the watch lists move too quickly at the open, fall below support, or the markets are weak, etc. Jason wants to make sure that when he alerts a stock that there is profit built in so that as many members as possible get a piece of the pie.
  2. Don’t chase it, finbonocchi retracement! You will see this once you’re a member in the video lessons. Watch it and learn it. Many times after Jason buys it creates a lot of buyers. Not just from the newsletter but other traders see volume and think something is up. A lot of times this is temporary and you will see the price come down for a better entry. Sometimes Jason hits the mark just right in an oversold condition and you may not get a chance to enter. Don’t Chase!


The stock market is risky! When you start to learn about the basics of swing trading when you sign up, you will learn how to beat the market. Jason Bond Picks alerts trades of mostly small cap stocks under $10 but those stocks can also more riskier than larger cap. The idea is to find stocks that have the highest probability of increasing. He’s not always right, but he gets more right than he does wrong. Just keep in mind that it takes time to learn, and I always tell people to start a paper trading account with Think or Swim and really sit back and watch for a while till you’re comfortable with using your own money. Get an idea of how things work before diving in especially if you are new to trading. YOU are responsible for your own trades. Not Jason. Not me. I hear it all the time from people who lose money because they are not paying themselves and being greedy! See my blog about that one! Is Being Greedy Hurting Your Profits?

After Joining Jason Bond Picks…

  • Read Jason’s 7 Costly Mistakes New Traders Make
  • Watch ALL the video lessons. They are worth the price of the first quarter.
  • Watch the Basics of Swing Trading (This is a free download after you sign up) $997 value.
  • Study Steve Nison’s Candlestick charting course, A must for every stock trader www.CandleCharts.com 
  • Trade Ideas: An absolute must for day traders, trade idea’s scanners are the best in the business and used by just about every retail trader. Tons of very customizable scanners so you can be alerted of any setup, i.e. volume alerts, breakouts, pre-market, etc. Sign up for their Free Trade of the Week.
  • Paper Trade before using real money (Sign up for Think or Swim to paper trade account)
  • Don’t Trade Options till you fully understand them!

**Free Trial Sign Up**

Final Thoughts…

I’ve been trading with Jason for 3 years as of December 2016, I spent a lot of time writing this review about Jason Bond Picks because I believe it’s one of the best. Any doubt I may have had ended when I started in the Millionaire Roadmap room and saw his trades live. Also while I was getting started and trying to pick a mentor to help me learn I was drawn to Jason Bond for his professionalism and down to earth approach to not just trading but living. He knows what it’s like to be in debt and live pay check to pay check. Even though today he is a millionaire, you don’t see him showing off with exotic vacations and cars. You don’t see him posting pictures of piles of cash like many other guru’s like Tim Sykes. Jason is one of the hardest working people building a huge community for trades of all kinds to learn different styles. If you’re on the fence, I think this is a great place to start!


Testimonials; These are real people by the way. I see them in the chat room everyday!

Here’s some awesome wins on 01/29/15 I collected from chat; 09:40 am michael fis.: Thanks JB, out @ 3.25 on $GENE +12% 09:40 am philip ren.: Out $GURE +$.15 Thanks JB 09:53 am michal her.: out $GURE $1.85 + $1,000 10:53 am aaron fun.: out $GURE +1.00 a share! 09:54 am stephen put.: Out of $NEON from last weeks watch list +$.10 Thanks JB. 10:08 am michael her.: $GURE out again $1.95 +$0.11 +$1,100 10:25 am jason edd.: out $GURE 2.25 +.45 +$1,300 10:52 am crystal ree.: took profit on $GURE $7,800. best day ever! 11:04 am khaled abo.: out $GURE $2.65 +$.15 $1,200! 01:46 pm bill a. : out of GENE at $4.35 for a total profit of $6,875 for the day

Here’s what other members are saying;

“Thanks Jason for that wonderful gift, now I’m here until at least March 2016, been here about 2 years and as long as you don’t do a 360 I’ll probably keep coming back for more. ~ Jonathan B. “I agree Jonathan, on thanking Jason for the gift. Been here 3 years and you keep making it harder to leave.” ~ Yolanda F. “Thanks JB for the Christmas gift. Service just keeps getting better. Been here going on 3 yrs and will stay. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!” ~ Linda G. “You’re killing it man! Out YGE +.27 and out NEON +.70! First month trading with you and Luke and it’s already paid for the 3 month subscription 10 times, and it would have been more if I had a bigger account hah. Thank you for all the help. Watched all your videos and it’s been incredible to see it in action.” ~ Jeremy B. “I appreciate the teachings at Jason Bond Picks…They really make it easy to learn and I am really looking forward to putting everything to practice.” ~ Ken T. “My E-Trade account is up 20% since joining your service less than a month ago!!!! Thanks JB” ~ Robert N. “JB – for a former gym teacher you sure know how to write! And people complain about the decline of American education.” ~ Jonathan K. “Just doing my math here and up $2,700 for the week. Thanks JB. You are a good teacher.” ~ Ronald B. “Out of HART @ $9.95 + $3,212 4K shares . I need to go to work good luck everyone and great stock pick Jason B. Thanks. :)” ~ Patty G. “JASON just gotta say 4 words…YOUR STOCK PICKS ROCK!!!” ~ Jim C. “My first big win with Penny Stock PRO and I’m so excited, UTRM delivered 34% for me. THANKS!” ~ Elizabeth V.

Jason Bond Picks FAQ’s

Got more Questions? Here are some FAQ’s, please comment below you have any more questions.  How much does the Jason Bond Picks service cost? Currently the Swing Trading service is $399/quarter (yearly is available at a discounted rate). Includes real-time swing trade alerts from Jason by email and text. Plus over 50 video lessons to learn Jason’s strategy. See the sales page for the most up to date pricing.

How much money to do you need to trade with? This comes up all the time and it really doesn’t matter except that smaller accounts will take longer to build. You also have to deal with the pattern day trade rule but you can get around that with SureTrader. Also smaller accounts may want to consider starting out with penny stocks. They are more risky, however they can be managed and offer larger percent returns. I recommend PennyPro if that interests you.

How hard is it to get the same entry as Jason? If you’re waiting for Jason to buy you aren’t getting with the program. You might as well give your money to some computer algorithm and let it trade it for you. Jason Bond Picks is teaching you how to trade and giving you the tools to do it as well has a daily watch list of almost everything he is watching. Review the watch list everyday and see what set ups you like. Buy at the entry you are comfortable not just wait for Jason. I buy from the watch list and don’t wait for Jason. When and if Jason buys, then its a bonus. If he doesn’t buy that doesn’t mean its still not a good set up. This is the part that is the hardest and you will learn it over time. The best part is, once you buy you can set your stops that Jason provided from the watch list, put it in overdrive and go on with your day.

Which broker should I use? I started out using Etrade pro which was more than sufficient for swing trading. If you have less than 25k I would recommend using SureTrader (I have review on that here).

Does Jason Bond Picks offer a free trial? Since I’ve been a member, no. The best I’ve seen is a $1 10-day trial offer a few times during the year. If you belong to his free email list then you will know when he offers them (Sign up here). His reason behind it, is he wants people who are serious about learning and the only real way to filter them out is by paying for a 3 month subscription. That way you can see how it all works.

Does Jason Bond Picks Offer Refunds? No refunds on what you have already paid and you must cancel your auto-renewing subscription on the website before it renew’s. I hear people complain that he doesn’t offer refunds, and that part is true, but it’s also because someone forgot to cancel their at auto-renew. It can be done on the website or by emailing jason@jasonbondpicks.com

More info here at JasonBondPicks.com

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