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~Updated 04/15/17

After years of proving himself on wall street Jason Bond is finally starting a mentor service called Millionaire Roadmap. If you aren’t familiar with Jason Bond Picks then check out my review here. Jason started teaching in public schools over 10 years ago and decided to bring his skills to wall street after realizing he had a successful system of trading stocks. His teaching skills and professionalism are the two main reasons why he has grown his business to the size that it is today, over 3,000 active members. Over the years he’s been juggling the idea of starting a mentor service but could never really find the time. He’s now ready to take the next step and give members an inside look at how he has made over 218% returns so far in 2017 and 330% in 2016.

Below you will find an overview of what to expect with the mentor program and also my own results of my first year since joining in Dec. of 2015.


Here’s what you get in the Millionaire Roadmap;

  1. Daily video watch list
  2. Private chat room for small group instruction(access to Jason and Luke Murray during market hours)
  3. Live Scheduled Day and Swing Trading(with Jason and Luke) 
  4. View Jason and Luke’s E-trade platform screen shared live during market hours, watch them make every trade in real-time.
  5. Mastermind Group Learning 
  6. Daily Video Wrap-up
  7. Webinars
  8. Instructional DVD’s for free

Here’s a sample live trading session with Jason;

Is it worth it?

When I joined in December of last year the roadmap program was still getting ramping up. Jason’s vision was to give members an opportunity to look over his shoulder and learn how he has become so successful trading stocks. If being invited to the NYSE is any proof of that, he offered mentor members to view his etrade platform live so they could watch his every move. I’ve been a member of Jason’s swing trading newsletter since 2013 and the fact that I could watch him trade was really intriguing. With 188% returns in 2015 and currently over 300% as of this writing in 2016, he is obviously doing something right.

As I describe in more detail below I struggled for most of the beginning of my trading career and thought this could be a make or break moment for me. What was I missing and is spending thousands of dollars just to watch someone else trade going to make me successful? I’ve always heard that you should surround yourself with people that are smarter than you, well I thought I’d take a leap and give it a shot.

Fast forward to today and it was the best decision I ever made. More on that below.

Here’s what I think makes the roadmap service so valuable, and it only seems to be getting better as the year progresses.

Daily Video Watchlist – On the surface this appears to be an extension of the watch list that Jason already sends out to the regular swing trading members every morning but it contains way more information. Not only does he discuss his picks in detail, he goes over the market sentiment (This was a huge learning lesson for me), breaks down the charts in more detail and a more clear concise plan of how he plans to attack the stocks on his list.

Etrade Live – Jason and Luke Murray stream their etrade platforms live everyday(with the exception of tech problems but its rare).  This is beyond worth the cost in my opinion, not only watching Jason navigate the markets I also get to watch Luke Murray. You know, the guy that makes insane amounts of money and I was always wondering if it was smoke and mirrors. Now I can watch him do it everyday and its really happening.

Mastermind – This is becoming a huge success, surround yourself by people who are smarter than you right? Not only are you given access to Jason and Luke, you also get to learn from other successful millionaire’s who share their experiences with us. So far the list includes Jeff Bishop from Topstockpicks.com, Allan Marshall a multi-millionaire famous for founding a multi-billion dollar company, Petra Hess a veteran stock trader with years of experience trading and teaching roadmap members her secrets to success(Petrapicks.com). Lastly we have Kyle Dennis. The wiz kid who I wrote about here who turned 15k in to over 1 million, Jason’s first millionaire student. In addition to weekly webinars with those mentioned above, every Tuesday and Thursday after market close you will have access to Carl who is running the mastermind program, there we discuss a different topic at every session.

There is more to the program but I think those are the notable parts that are worth the cost and have helped me the most.

A couple things I would like to mention before getting to my own results.

Jason is by far one of the most hardest working guys I’ve seen. He has inspired me to work hard and not give up when I almost did so many times. I use to think he had to be a fake, how does he do it? Since joining roadmap, its not that hard. It just takes patience and discipline. It’s been almost 3 years I’ve been following him and he has always been consistent, I can’t ever find anything that says any different.

There is a lot of different styles of trading going on in the roadmap program with members of varying account sizes from small to large.


Now for the most important part, how much does it cost? $9,999(Watch for sales, Jason discounts periodically, sign up here to be alerted). At first I was a little shocked but not totally surprised at the fee. I think if you’re a full time trader or especially new at trading and you are able to pony up almost 10k and still have money to trade with then this is probably worth it. I don’t doubt that Jason is going to take you under his wing and not make you profitable. Being profitable in your first year trading is a huge deal. Will you be able to cover your fee of 10k? That will probably depend on how much money you have to trade with. Larger accounts are going to benefit more than smaller accounts. The idea here is and why Jason priced it the way he did is you’re paying for what could be a life changing experience. It could start you off for a life long career of trading and you may look back one day and say the 10k was the best thing you ever spent.

My last thought about the cost, I’m sitting here thinking if I could go back in time and knew that college was going to cost me 50k(that I’m still paying for) and I had this opportunity, I probably would of jumped all over it.

I am personally excited for this service especially since Jason had a return of 188% in 2015, swing trading part time. So far feedback has been very positive. In fact one member is up 100% in only 1 month!



Click here to see the latest pricing.

My Results:


Below is an email that Jason sent out to members on 02/25/16. Jason gave me a nice shout out in the morning watchlist.

Email Screen Shot from Jason Bond

Last year(2015) was a tough year for me, as I outlined in my blog post How Trading Stocks Almost Killed Me, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do going forward. You can only pick yourself up so many times after losing over and over again. I know I’m not alone, that’s why I share a lot of what I do. I tried what felt like everything last year and kept ending up with losses. My mindset became more and more negative and my risk threshold very low and with tough market conditions, I lost sight of everything. 

It’s obvious Jason is successful at trading stocks and as soon as things turned bad for him in one month(which happens to every trader) I looked to other ways and styles to trade. They all made everything worse. So I stopped trading.

I kept up with Jason and by the end of the year he was once again back on top with amazing returns. I decided in December of 2015 to pony up and subscribe to the millionaire roadmap. This was my make or break decision to make myself profitable and successful. I’m not about doing it just for the money, its more about the freedom.

So far its been the best decision I’ve ever made. Watching Jason and Luke trade everyday live, in real time I’m able to learn so much more about how they trade the market and manage their risk. It’s given me the confidence to trade again.

I’m extremely happy with my results, in fact I have made back everything that I lost in 2015 and its only 3 months into 2016.

It was really hard to admit that I needed more help but having a mentor was exactly what I needed. Its a tough job to do on you’re own when you are first starting out and as they say 90% of traders lose their money. Don’t be that person. Be smart and don’t be afraid to seek help!

Update 4/14/16

I reached a really important milestone in my trading account, realized profit of +$50,000 in less than 4 months. Brushing myself off after beating myself down for quite a while and it feels really good to finally have a nice cushion so I can actually take on risk and not stress out about it.

Screenshot of my etrade portfolio

Update 9/20/16

Not sure how much longer I will be updating this with my results because everyone is different and I don’t want people to think they can mirror others success. I have an obsessive work ethic, for 3 years now even when I was doing horrible I was waking up everyday and going to my office to work and study. I have all the freedom in the world to do whatever I want and thats why I love trading so much, but even with all that freedom I stay focused and keep grinding. I love what I do so much and can’t imagine ever going back to work for anyone else. This is the ultimate freedom and I will never take it for granted.

If you’re following along my twitter(@swingtrader25) you will see more of my daily activities but this summer has been amazing. I worked pretty much the entire summer except for one week I went to NH for a family vaca with no internet, it was a good decision to take a break, but every time I take time off from trading I find that when I return I’m off my groove and don’t do as well.

Screenshot year to date returns 2016

June was my best month yet with around 46k in profits, a lot of those came from BSPM. That stock just kept paying us. I’m currently averaging 5k a week and really hope to keep it that way through the rest of the year. I don’t force myself to make a certain goal, I stay very patient and wait for the best setups either swing trading or day trading. I make what I make and enter it into my spreadsheet, thats how I get my average 5k a week. It’s an awesome way to look at your trading, if you have a bad week, it lowers the average very little and I don’t sweat it as much. If you want to stay in this game for a long time then you shouldn’t force yourself to make a certain goal, your historical averages are the real story, don’t overtrade, take what the market gives you and move on.

I’m also going to be rebalancing my account because I’m opening a new account under an LLC so that it will help with taxes. I haven’t decided how much I want to start with, but I believe that I can continue trading the same way with about 50k since etrade gives 4x the buying power. I haven’t been holding large positions overnight to reduce exposure and then just add back in the morning.

Update 12/15/16

I’m closing in on an amazing year, over 230%! I’m currently up around 230k. I got a little nervous as I started with my new LLC trading account and was afraid it would mentally mess up my momentum. Fortunately I kept disciplined and patient. So far I’m still averaging around 1k per day. I plan on posting my final results at the end of the year. I am so glad I took a chance and upgraded to the mentor program. It’s changed my life.

Current pricing for the Millionaire Roadmap can be found here.

Also you can test drive Jason’s service here by signing up for his free email list.

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