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Welcome to the largest testimonial page for Jasonbondpicks.com. I am always weary of testimonials because you usually only get a few and you can never be too sure that the owner is only showing you the best. One way I get a better feeling about a service is when I read lots of them. The more the better, so here is some I’ve collected over the last year and I think it helps to know that I see some of these people in chat regularly so I can contest to them being real members!


“Hi Jason, I have been in your room since the beginning of the year and am doing great. The reason for the e-mail is to compliment you on the way you run your business. I have started and sold numerous companies in my life and am now retired. I would hire you as a CEO in a heartbeat. Keep doing what you are doing it is impressive. Have a great weekend.” ~ Petra H.


“Thanks Jason, just subscribed to your newsletter last week and had GBSN for $3.05 just got out at $3.90 that’s 27%. I’m a believer.” ~ Sebastian G.


“Thank you so much for this room. Doubled my monthly goal in the last week (and I think I am a conservative trader).” ~ Yolanda F.


“1st 2 trades ever made $500 total on $OHGI & $GEVO on a $3,000 account thx JB.” ~ Stephen R.


“I am new to this service and loving it so far. I am an experienced trader and this is by far the best service I tried. Congratulations for the great work!” ~ Joana L.


“This week has been awesome!! +$6,000 so far :)” ~ Larry J.


“I made a 9% win on KNDI this morning, it sold while I was away from my work desk … learning to fish (3 for 3 in past two weeks) making money with both “jobs”. Thanks Jason, small wins today big wins a coming.” ~ Jerry S.


“Holy cow JB made more money in here than any other room I have been in thx guys.” ~ Lawrence S.


“Good Morning! Wake up to Bob doing the HAPPY DANCE! In AXN @ $2.60, sold pre-market $3.64. Thanks Luke.” ~ Bob P.


“Your gift is teaching. My wife is a teacher. You are a real gem in a field with quite a few pebbles. I plan to renew. Thank you so much.” ~ John H.


“I have learned so much here and I am watching all the lessons whenever I have time. I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel now and I am really excited about this.” ~ Scott F.


“Just wanted to say thanks Jason and let you know that your info is right on. I paid the $799 yearly fee and your pick OHGI made $. Thanks.” ~ Daniel C.


“In and out of GBSN +$1,500 ty JB!!” ~ Larry J.


“Love you JB, first trade OHGI +$835 profit.” ~ Dror A.


“Out 1,500 OHGI @ $4.10 in from $3.60 overnight.” ~ Cody W.


“+$1,000 OHGI thanks JB, on the road working from my laptop.” ~ Ken S.


“Jason, your service is awesome! I wished I had found your site sooner.” ~ John B.


“Thanks you JB and staff for giving me the tools another amazing day +$10,000.” ~ Jan G.


“Out HOTR +1,000 jb :)” ~ Larry J.


“Oh what a beautiful morning….out PTBI +$6,390. BIOC +$1,100 from last week, cha ching!!!!! Oh what a beautiful day!!” ~ Juan G.


“Out VBLT $6.58 avg +$1.12, thanks Luke.” ~ Jonathan B.


“Out VBLT + $0.82 very first trade. TY Luke.” ~ Brent D.


“Hi Jason, just joined and so far the education is invaluable. Love your passion for teaching because I really want to learn this. I am working with a $500 account, but am taking advice to paper trade for now. Your videos are putting together all the missing pieces. I work nights so sometimes it tough to stay up but will do what it takes to learn. Again thanks so far so good.” ~ Andre T.


“Hey jason i just wanted to thank you for your service man. I am not a very seasoned trader, but after being with JBP for only 30 days i have absorbed so much knowledge through your video lessons and basics of swing trading. Because of that, I have really been able to utilize your daily watchlist and so far in only 30 days my portfolio has grown +15% which is awesome considering im just a regular construction worker with a little extra money and a little extra time. Thanks JB. p.s. and I made $2,400 just off of 3 different GBSN trades this week while working so that was AWESOME!!!” ~ Steve N.


“WE DID IT JASON. I got to my 5% and got out…. I MADE GREEN today. You have no idea how happy I am right now for my first swing trade in the green. I made nothing to what others make, but considering the $20 in and out fee, that is a big plus for me to see 5%. Thank you Jason.” ~ Dave T.


“Hey Jason. Great program you’re running, love the educational tools and tips, I’m a new member who joined through your 10 day trial and loving every day of it. I’m currently using the ThinkOrSwim platform with paperMoney and have been doing great so far and I really want to take it to the next step soon. Thank you.” ~ Kugavarshan T.


“Hey Jason, just wanted to say thank you for the service you provide all of us. It has been a pleasure and tremendously helpful since I joined March 2015. I left a healthcare career, as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, to do this full time. Trust me, it was time for a change. Anyway, I had a fair knowledge base of technical analysis but kinda needed a partner in crime. Well I feel like I’m gonna get arrested because crime is definitely up! Hahaha. I’m hoping to achieve the same initial earnings target you had set for yourself. If so, I too, will feel like I have upgraded. So far so good. Thanks again, and look forward to trading with you for a long time my friend :)” ~ Notre L.


“Hello JB, I just wanted to say this to you .. I have not been making crazy amount of money but I have started to trade good consistently .. I am learning a lot from you and this chat room about the art of making money. I genuinely thank you for doing whatever you are doing. You Rock!” ~ Bibek G.


“Hi Jason. This week was my first week of swing trading and after watching your videos 1 and 2A, I had a gain of $1,600 from just 2 trades. And that being very cautious or the gain would have been more.  Thanks to you I am learning how to fish!” ~ David N.


“JB. Thanks for VGGL, from your last Tuesday watch list +52%, +$12,000 profit, bought at $2.64, sold $4.02…that’s big win for me.” ~ Isaac R.


“So i got in on GIGA at $2.17 hit target at $2.35 for an $1800 win. Thank you JB. That buys the new water heater that blew last night.” ~ Bill A.


“Good morning everybody, this is my first week of trading and I chose HOTR as my first trade I chose it from Monday’s watch list after watching the first 6 lessons from Jason’s lessons which are what I call a serious wake up call to how the market functions. I am still in HOTR an have my target at $3.50 it opened at $4.30 an is at $4.44 now I am at 28% profit at this point an plan to be completely out today at some point before closing. The chart still looks good so should I take half now an let the rest run through the weekend or be liquid until Monday not sure what to do any thoughts. So I can fish in the big ocean thanks Jason.” ~ Gene T.


“Hi Jason, how are you? I wanted to share good news. After watching your educational videos and trades, I played PTBI Fib retracement. Bought 500 @ $7.99 on Friday and sold today @ $9.00. I should have held it longer but fear of overnight hold, sold for 12%. Thank you for the teachings and giving small traders confidence to trade in small cap. What I learned is enter @ close to support with small stop and see if it works  if not stop out for a small loss. Thank you.” ~ Chandra J.


“Jason, I just wanted to tell you thanks again. After receiving your watch list this morning, I researched the three companies and decided to keep a close eye on CHOP. I entered at $2.64 and decided to take my $950 profit at $3.10. Regards.” ~ Will M.


“Out GIGA 50% @2.7 ; rest at 3.04 + 6k ; thanks JB!” ~ Thomas B.


“I just want to say joining your chat room months ago was the best investment money I have ever spent. Your education videos and updates are great. Thx Jimm in Nova Scotia.” ~ James C.


“Jason Bond: I just wanted to thank you AGAIN, as the tip posted about 30m 20d and never chasing again was GOLDEN. It’s things like that that make your service truly the best out there and I thank you for that! ~ Mark M.


“Sold INUV +$.41 from yesterday.. Thanks JB.” ~ Christopher M.


“New to your service. +14% on INUV. Feels great! Thanks Jason.” ~ Will W.


“+$2,238 on the day ty Luke, JB and everyone here! :)” ~ Larry J.


“Thank you all – I am new to the group in GBSN $2.99 out $3.46 +$940 – Thx Luke & JB.” ~ Nathalie N.


“Thanks for clarification Jason. Greatly appreciate it. Still learning your style but I think I’m getting it. Per your recommendation in INUV last week and sold today for gain of 17%. Best regards.” ~ Paul K.


“I really appreciate how well you communicate and educate — definitely not in the tradition of my PE teacher. Congratulations on making the right life choice to all our benefit.” ~ Tom M.


“Hey, I know you get a ton of messages and mail but I wanted to say thanks for acknowledging your losses. I have seen many service providers all brag about their wins never mentioning they may stumble. This in my opinion helps separate you’re from the pack, being personable sells. That and others were very profanity laden presentations. So thanks.” ~ Brett S.


“Hi there. I just thought I would share a couple of words as I see a lot of new names eager to get going and some independent insight could help preserve their funds. I have been a member of your chat for about 5 – 6 weeks and during my time here have had my trading life literally turned upside down, but to the good side. I came here not knowing what to expect as my last two years of trading have been very hit a miss, what I found was literally life changing for me. I have been involved with buying Zacks scanner and a number of other products that simply didn’t do it for me, (not that they were bad) I have read more books watched videos till my eyes hurt, but I didn’t know how to use all this knowledge properly, It just didn’t gel! And as Forrest Gump said, stupid is stupid does. As you know I live in Australia and get up most nights to follow your chat and of course make good trades. I have just about watched all 58 + videos a number of time (now favs only LOL I have the time during the day) I have been a keen advocate of Nison Candlesticks from day 1, but I never realized how to put everything together until joining your team, it’s one thing to know the candles but you need to know how to use them. I have since gotten rid of all the stuff that I don’t know how to use and am left with Trade Ideas scanner, Finviz, Stock Charts, News Watch, and Stock Twits. Because I have all day in Australia and am 1 day ahead, I assembled a watch list based around a number of your points, the look of the chart over last 12 months, news for that company and how often they pump, overall state of the company, and so on. I have 73 companies in that list and have researched them to the point, I know just about all there is to know about them other than employee names, I have a second WL that I am constantly taking and putting as other good companies come to light mainly through chat and researching them next day. The point of this is to let you know the following: Until recently and having watched all the videos over, I didn’t realize the mistakes I was making. Don’t chase it will come back or you’re not in it, use different time charts, get out with small profit, rinse refresh, use stops properly, don’t follow blindly because someone else is in, don’t trade first 30 mins (for me anyway) HAVE A RESEARCHED GAME PLAN BEFORE ENTERING THE ROOM!!!!! This plan might not work all the time and opportunities do come up. But it is the base of my trading day, and it works for me now. In the last 5 weeks I have taken $37,229 in profit. I have lost $6,395. In bad trades or trades not working right. Netted $30,834. And in the last 24 hours have completed 6 trades with $16,000 in the bank and as I write this note, I am holding another two trades up +$10,000 overnight. Netted $46,834! All because I have learned to listen, look, learn and stick to the game plan. Jason, THANK you and your wonderful team for turning my trading life into a positive and now enjoyable experience.” ~ Jan G.


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