Lightning Alerts – Review w/ Keith Kern

Lightning Alerts BannerI am really excited to share with everyone my experiences with the Lightning Alerts day and swing trading program ran by Keith Kern and Kyle Dennis. Most of you know I struggled for years to find my niche trading stocks, we all go through our own struggles and its hard to compare one success or failure to another, but ultimately the fact that I’m still here trading for almost 4 years is definitely a WIN. One of my biggest hurdles was day trading. Now I can confidently recommend a day trading service (and lots more to offer) to all of you that I 100% believe in.

Now I’ve tried quite a few day trading chats/guru’s over the years. Maybe you can relate…

  • Guru constantly showing huge gains without showing any proof.
  • Guru never teaches you how they do it and also hides behind huge losses, but only shows you their big wins.
  • Guru is selling his shares in to members before you even have a chance, and end up selling at a loss.
  • Guru trades big size and sells for a few cents gain.
  • Trades highly risky set ups without knowing why the stock is moving up or down.
  • Has tons of members following them in and out of trades blindly while they pile up the cash.

I’ve struggled with this for years and I know many of you have. It’s frustrating and I’ve lost a lot of money trying to mirror in the beginning. Imagine having a GURU that has…

  • traded full time for 20+ years.
  • teaches every step of the way, tells you actionable buy zones before they buy.
  • teaches RISK management along the way for each trade, LIVE on the mic and screen share.
  • Doesn’t ever brag how much they made! (This is one of the best things about Keith Kern, everyone trades their own size, profits vary accordingly, in return you have no FOMO or Jealousy causing you to make poor decisions.
  • Receive a watchlist the night before with charts set ups that Keith will be watching the next day.

That alone should make many of you interested, I highly recommend trying it out, even if its just for a month. It could turn out to be the best money you ever spent! This chatroom is great for anyone just starting to trade all the way up to professionals.

Here’s what you get…

  • Keith will begin morning market commentary on the Mic around 9:15-9:20 in the morning.
  • Trades will start being called out after the market settles 5-10 min after market open.
  • Only the best set ups will be posted in the trade feed, with trigger levels.
  • Keith will talk through he trade that triggers.
  • Learn how to trade option sweep activity, via Keith and‘s scanners(additional cost).
  • Chatroom currently has 300-500 members, actively calling out trades and supporting each other.
  • Very professional chatroom and no tolerance for pumping.
  • Keith and Kyle Dennis will also announce swing trades via email/text.


More info here on Lightning Alerts, under Programs tab.

That’s all I have now, but please feel free to email me with any questions! I hope to see you in chat!