How I lost almost everything trading stocks and bounced back.

This is going to be a really personal story of my journey trading stocks. I started this blog almost three years ago so that others could follow along. At times I wasn’t sure if I would actually make it, especially after my first two years. My goal here was to show you what its like to quit your job and trade stocks full time. You’ve been with me and seen my ups and downs. I hope I have inspired and helped you learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to make them too. My first two years were hard and after losing over 40k over the period of 2 years, credit card debt increasing, my personal life was suffering, I found it pretty difficult to breathe at times. One thing that I never stopped doing however, was getting up every morning and trying over and over again to find a way to get myself out of my trading rut and be successful. Here’s how I hit the bottom and turned it around to make over 200k in my third year…

I started trading in the last month of 2013 and joined in with Jason Bond Picks a newsletter created by Jason Bond and geared towards stock alerts and education. It was a great community of successful traders making a killing. My goals were set extremely low. I intended to start out with a $500 weekly goal. I thought that would be rather simple. Many of you might remember the beginning of 2014 was the pot stock craze and I really didn’t have much experience with trading. Once January hit and marajuna went legal in Colorado, all kinds of trashy pot related stocks were running rampant. One particular pot stock made me over 15k that Jason alerted on my rather small account of 25k.

“That huge win was a blessing and a curse”

That big win gave me a false sense of my expectations from trading and also I began to take on more risk and bigger losses. Once that started it became like a snowball rolling down a hill. Later in 2013 I started day trading more and desperately trying other services. No luck. Within a few months I fell below the 25k minimum for day trading and I was beginning to die inside. I felt like my trading was coming to an end if I couldn’t trade freely anymore in and out of trades.

Fear, doubt, regret, anger, everything that I’ve been working so hard on was becoming a huge failure. Not only I was losing money but I was losing my freedom to do what I always dreamed of.

“It’s not about the money, It’s about the Freedom”

However true that quote is, trading doesn’t work when you’re out of money. I gave up day trading in a few short months and went back to swing trading. It was unfortunately bad timing in the markets as the summer of 2015 was rough, followed by a huge market flash crash in August. Successful swing trades were few and far between. With my money slowly disappearing and also having to withdraw money to pay bills and survive, I signed up for an account at SureTrader with my credit card. I was spiraling out of control and no one was telling me to stop. I pretty much zeroed out that account in no time. By September I stopped trading and decided to take a much needed break. Something I hadn’t done up to that point.

I can honestly tell you that if I didn’t take time off, I wouldn’t be here writing this. While I was off, I focused on getting my life together, I sold an investment property that I profited really well on. I knew deep inside that I would go back to trading, there was no way I could let almost 2 years of my life go to waste, all the hours of research and studying, I wouldn’t be able live with myself. I also didn’t want to do anything else, trading is the ultimate freedom, working for yourself, waking up and going to work in your sweat pants.

“I can’t, I won’t fail at this”

During my time off, I was still keeping track of stocks, sometimes rather jealously hearing of all the big winners the people I followed were racking up. I reflected “big league” on my mistakes and looked at what was effecting my trading so much. Selling my investment property, paying off my credit card debt gave me a fresh start and some money left over to dabble with trading again, but this time smarter, more disciplined, more patient. In December 2015, I re-funded my account at Etrade and just sat there. I didn’t do any trades for a whole week. I was so scared to make one mistake and fall right back in to my old ways. I was afraid to let myself down again. That led me to my next realization, trading scared was no way to trade and thats how I spent my first 2 years.

I really had to clean my slate and start over, but I needed help. Over my time off I was still subscribed to Jason Bond Picks and following his trading, he was back to making some good money and ended the year with a great return. I knew there was others out there but no one really matched him and his down to earth style. I’ve been where he’s been, struggling with debt, a job that felt like a dead end. Now he’s driving Land Rover’s and paying cash for everything. That December I decided if I was going to make it, I was going to invest in myself and pony up the few thousand to join Jason’s Mentor program called Millionaire Roadmap.

“This was make or break for me. Do or Die.”

With a clean slate, no debt, a fresh start being able to look over a traders shoulder who was consistently making huge returns. It was the greatest decision I ever made! I started 2016 out fairly slow, quiet and extremely focused and disciplined. I ate, drank and breathed trading again.

My first month I made $19k.

I never even stopped to think about it, still afraid I would lose it, having that feeling in my stomach every time I took a trade.

My Second month, $18k.

I was on a mission and didn’t want to stop until I made everything that I lost back and by March I hit the 50k mark. I made it all back. From that point on I started to get more confident, my risk threshold was increasing to where before I had none. That is no way to trade. I continued the year with the pedal to the floor and here’s the break down of my monthly gains…

  • January 19,526
  • February 18,711
  • March 11,128
  • April 21,299
  • May 11,537
  • June 44,626 BEST MONTH
  • July 15,019
  • August 27,405
  • September -2,985 WORST MONTH
  • October 26,296
  • November 22,119
  • December 24,920

My grand total for the year was around 225k. I am still in shock. Jason’s mentorship and surrounding myself by the masterminds in his program turned my trading around. I refused to become a statistic and be another trader that failed. Surrounding myself by successful traders, people who were smarter than me helped me so much. I started to see all the mistakes I was making. I took control of my anxiousness, FOMO(Fear of missing out), chasing stocks and stressing all the time. Jason helped me build my confidence again and get back to consistent winners. He gave me the tools and I took if from there.

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What else helped? Taking time off, reflecting on my mistakes, paper trading, paying off my debts so I didn’t have to trade just to survive. It also didn’t hurt that although I was losing money for my first two years I was still learning a lot! It’s important that you trade from a good place emotionally and financially. You can’t go to a casino with $20 expecting to win it big. It takes time and patience. Small wins over time add up. You have to be patient! I can’t stress it enough. If you’re trying to make it big, you will lose your money. Don’t just quit your job and think you can make a living trading stocks. It won’t happen.

Towards the end of the year I also started following Kyle Dennis of Biotech Breakouts which many of you have heard of (How Kyle Turned 15k in to Over 1 Million). I believe he is truly going to take me to a whole other level as he made 1 million alone in 2016 trading stocks. He also began trading around the same time I did in Jason’ s service and then also joining the mentor program. 2017 is already off to a great start with my biggest win yet since the pot stock days. I’m in my groove and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

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Where do I go from here? This year I hope to make at least what I did last year but I can tell that I’m already off to a better start and hope to make much more than that. My ultimate goal was to be consistently profitable and be able to trade on my own. I feel like I have finally accomplished that.


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