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~Updated 08/05/16~

Everything you need to know about service, performance, track record, and discounts. Penny Pro is ran by Jeff Williams. I’ve had the privilege of being one of the first to try the stock alert service since its inception and have had good success with it. Since then, Jeff has really outdone himself at consistently finding high quality penny stocks that have great potential. Penny Pro offers an excellent way for beginners to start learning how to trade, build their accounts, and still keep working their day job. Jeff focuses on penny/small cap stocks under 5.00 that offer a greater potential for higher returns while putting less money in a trade.



Jeff Williams Penny Pro Banner

Hands down one of the best penny stock chatrooms. Jeff Williams leads the Penny Pro service with years of experience trading penny stocks including 5-6 other moderators posting trade ideas and helping everyone manage the lucrative world of penny stocks. Learn how to trade penny stocks more effectively without getting stuck in pump and dump schemes. Jeff is live on the mic for most of the day and will answer anyones questions. Get inside of the mind of a successful penny stock trader and learn what it takes to manage your risk more effectively. Join him everyday in chat for a premarket analysis and then follow him throughout the day looking for any momentum stocks and occasional swing trades.

Here’s what you can expect from Penny Pro;

  • Aimed at capturing 10 to 25% momentum moves on stocks ranged $.001 to $5.00
  • Real time buy and sell alerts in chat
  • Ideal for small start up accounts to larger full time traders
  • Access to largest live penny and small cap stock trading room
  • 3 – 5 swing trades per month by email and text
  • Bi-Monthly continued education webinars
  • Access to premium educational library

All up to date sales for and promo’s for Penny Pro can be found here!

Chat Room

Currently in the Penny Pro chat room you will find over 200 traders daily calling out all kinds of stock trade ideas. The chat has moderators that also send out active day trade alerts along with swing trades. These are all in addition to the swing trade alerts that Jeff sends out via text and email. Caution to those who are new, please don’t jump right in to day trading penny stocks till you have a full understanding of all the concepts. Make sure you know how to read candlestick charts! (

Below is a snapshot taken from the chatroom. These are an example of what the alerts look like coming from the moderators.

Penny Pro Chat Log

Penny Pro recently made some nice profits on GEVO. Here are some of the wins copied from chat after the stock moved over 100%.

08:20 am christian bor.: out of GEVO premarket at 1.24 from several buys around .40-.60, total gain: $16,613.22 
09:15 am Ed Washington: Virgin to this game made $600 GEVO!! So easy, is this legal? LOL 
09:23 am jan zab.: i hold 10k gevo,sold the other 10k prmk @1.69 from .64 09:46 am jan zab.: out of 10k gevo@1.10 the other half $4583 profit 09:47 am jan zab.: thanks total profit $15,693.08 
09:30 am juan ari.: stopped out of GEVO +$1,113 
09:34 am aidan arc.: in GEVO 0.6 out 1.16 
09:55 am dan bec.: in GEVO @ 1.04; out 1.13 +$880 
10:04 am jason hin.: out GEVO +920 thanku guys at pennypro would not have made that trade without the chat alerts 
10:06 am joanne gre.: out GEVO 1.28 +$330 
10:07 am arthur sem.: Out of Gevo, from .255 to $1.10, 2K shares. 
10:08 am michael oto.: in gevo 1.08 out 1.30 +575 
10:03 am nrahimi104 : so far $500 realized profit on gevo 
10:04 am Edson DT: In GEVO @ 1.11, out @ 1.20. My first trade after joining this chat! 
10:21 am Darren Williams: my first time, will be signing up… 15% + on GEVO 
10:33 am dan bec.: 2 more runs w/GEVO in 1.17 out 1.25 +$1460 
10:36 am cale g: +$6,833 on GEVO from today and yesterday, still holding 5k for the news breakout 
10:55 am mike rob.: +$1,700 on GEVO, and NUGT today. Thanks Ya’ll


Looking for coupons or discounts?

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If interested in a yearly subscription at a special rate, click here.


Penny Pro Elite

Looking for even more 1 on 1 training on Penny Stocks with Jeff? Here’s a breakdown from Jeff of what to expect. Subscribe to his email list to get alerted when it becomes available.

Are you ready to take your trading to the “Elite” level?
I am super excited to finally inform you that PennyPro Elite is almost here!!
About a week or two ago I asked for your feedback on a higher dollar mentor type program and several hundred of you said YES
So, you ask for it, you got it!
We are just a few minor tweaks away from taking your trading to the highest level possible.
A quick bit about PennyPro Elite:
  • 1 year access to PennyPro
  • Access to all 3 Premium streaming DVD’s (nearly $1,200 value alone)
  • Live trading and guidance with me
  • Frequent educational lessons – in SMALL GROUP settings for maximum communication and understanding
  • Several evening seminars per month
  • Guest speakers who will share years and years of experience and secret trading tips with you
and a whole lot more! 
All details will be coming out this weekend.
I will probably limit this to about 30 people to start to ensure each person knows exactly how to find the trades, make the trades, maximize profits, minimize losses, manage their portfolio and can understand all the essential skills I’ve used for years to become a successful stock trader.
Trust me when I say this is going to be the best program you have ever hard.
You know me by now, you know when I do something I put my heart and soul into it and this will be no exception. 
This will sell out within the first day or two so please be ready; and yes current PennyPro members will get a sweetheart deal on the sign up price via a special sign up code!


Final Word

I subscribe to Penny Pro because I feel like it gives me an edge to the penny stock world. I use to hate penny stocks, but Jeff and his moderators help navigate through all the BS that’s out there and finds the most profitable and least risky set ups so I can still sleep at night. If you’re looking to build a smaller account and don’t want to feel like you are just throwing money in the trash, take the time to learn Jeff’s strategies and give yourself head start.

For more info,

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