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The internet is full of all kinds of get rich quick schemes and stock alert services claiming to make you a millionaire. Most of us know that its probably too good to be true. Between actually trying many different services and by word of mouth I hear the good and bad of many services out there. There is also a lot of misinformation out there and you can endlessly find yourself uncovering more and more conflicting information regarding stock alert services before your head explodes. To help you out, I want to recommend the services that I have used since I’ve started trading. I’ll give a quick summary of each but if you’re interested in more details in either one, please see the link associated with them. I have put together a review of each one with a lot of due diligence and hope that they will help others make a better choice.


Jason Bond Picks (

Jason bond picks banner

If you haven’t heard of Jason Bond, I’d be a little surprised. He went form being a full time school teacher in upstate New York to teaching people how to become profitable traders. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, Jason has something for just about everyone. One of the areas where I think Jason shines above many others is his professionalism and teaching. He turned his passion of teaching into something he also really enjoys and I think many can benefit from it.

Jason has mastered the art of swing trading and that is what his service is built on, stock alerts sent via email and text when he buys and sells. Every morning you will receive a morning watch list of stocks Jason is watching and also portfolio updates. His goals are always 5-20% on his swing trade alerts. Jason has about a 70/30 profit loss rate. As of October 2016 he is already over 300% YTD returns on his portfolio.

Lastly Jason offers a day trading chat room which offers numerous alerts intraday, support and alerts from 100’s of other members and its a great family environment with no profanity allowed. I’ve seen some parents actually sign their kids up to learn how to trade with Jason. Also the chat room includes alerts from Luke Murray and Bart Van. Make sure you check out my full review here for more info, lots more to see.

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BioTech Breakouts (

Biotech Breakouts Banner with Kyle Dennis


Biotech Breakouts was created by Kyle Dennis, one of the best traders I’ve ever seen. Kyle started trading with 15k and turned it in to over 1.6 million in less than 3 years. He is now teaching others how he did it. Kyle has a really laid back teaching style and is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to trading the biotech sector. I found that this was one niche I was missing and I’m already having great results with the program. Check out Kyle’s Full Story Here.



Top Stock Picks (

Steve Leblanc top stock picks banner

Top Stock Picks is ran by Jeff Bishop and is quickly becoming one of the best stock programs out there. You will see what I mean very quickly once you see Jeff’s professionalism and great teaching style. What I like most about Jeff, is he works really hard at creating a balanced portfolio to reduce as much risk as possible in the risky stock world. Every morning you will receive a morning watch list, portfolio updates and buy/sell alerts via text and email throughout the day. Check out my full review on Top Stock Picks here!


Penny Pro (

Jeff Williams Penny Pro Banner

Penny pro is ran by Jeff Williams. You will find Jeff everyday in chat teaching members live on a mic how to trade penny stocks. We all know penny stocks are the riskiest kind of stock to trade, but Jeff will quickly give you lots of confidence. Expect Jeff and the other moderators to alerts stocks through out the day live in chat and also occasional swing trades sent out via text and email. Check out my full review here! 


Benzinga Pro – Mach III or IV (

Benzinga pro banner

I’ve struggled to find a good news source that was also fast enough so that I could get an edge on other traders. Every time I read news on something, it was too late to enter because the price had already jumped too much. Benzinga has a lot to offer but its best part is the audio squawk. Live breaking news read to you over the mic so it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, you will hear the news and can react more quickly. Also the news is fast enough that you can more times than not get an order ready and buy. Check it out to see all they offer. They offer a $1 trial to get started. FYI, you need Mach III or IV to get the audio squawk. Get more details here!


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