Top Stock Picks Review

Everything you need to know about service, performance, track record, and discounts. Top Stock Picks is ran by 20 year stock veteran Jeff Bishop. I’ve had the privilege of being one of the first to try the stock alert service since its inception and have had good success with it. Since then, Jeff has really outdone himself at creating a really great service. I am really excited about what the newsletter have to offer for a lot of reasons. Jeff Bishop has proven track records and looks to find stocks with the potential for high returns and good support while minimizing as much risk as possible.

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If you’re looking to learn how to trade ETF’s then Jeff is one of the best to learn from. Learn how to really understand the markets from his daily email watch lists along with navigating through the highly liquid world of ETF’s. Jeff will email you a through email everyday highlighting market sentiment and how he plans to trade it by using different ETF’s.  An ETF, or exchange traded fund, is a marketable security that tracks an index, a commodity, bonds, or a basket of assets like an index fund. For example if Jeff believed that Gold is in a downtrend and wants to profit from it, he could consider a position in DUST, which is a leveraged ETF that goes up when the price of gold goes down. DUST in this example is an ETF that trades just like any other stock would but it is also highly liquid, which allows you to buy really large positions more easily than other lower float stocks. There is tons of teaching that takes place and Jeff will step you through many of the trades he makes, including trade updates, stops and if he plans to add at certain price levels.

Here’s what you can expect from Top Stock Picks;

  • Live alerts sent to you via Email and Text.
  • Daily watch lists that explain in great detail what Jeff is looking at and what he thinks about current positions and the markets.
  • Outstanding Support. Every one of my emails have been answered. He takes pride in making himself available to his clients.
  • Video Lessons. As much as this service is about making you money, Jeff also focuses on teaching. He is also more concerned about everyone’s performance and when he was given the opportunity to make a quick profit, he did not because he doesn’t believe in selling into his clients. Expect a great variety of video lessons.

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I’ve had some big wins with the service so far and what I like, is I can continue to day and swing trade while knowing that I have Jeff dedicated to helping me stay ahead and manage my portfolio right along with me. Of course I am responsible for my trades but I know what he is thinking when he enters a trade, his targets, and stops. This has been extremely worth the money in my opinion. I love the higher priced ETF’s and also most stocks he trades have easy entries and exits.

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If you are looking to focus on building a smaller account, check out a service I use called Penny Pro.