How to Trade Stocks from your Car

I seriously love technology. I travel quite a bit so I wondered if I would be able to continue trading stocks while doing so. Without having to buy anything other than what I already had I was able to be up and running in minutes. Trading from my Etrade app on my iPhone is something I only like doing temporarily and not for long periods of time because it has limited features and charting capabilities. I decided to set my iPhone up as a mobile hotspot which was super easy and didn’t require anything more than turning it on. Just go to Settings >Personal Hotspot > Slide it to on.


  I have to laugh because I had the phone for over year and never realized I could do that, I thought you had to add the service first through your carrier. Boom you’re ready to use your laptop just like you would at home. I have a 15″ Macbook retina which makes looking at charts for long periods a very nice experience and with little eye strain. Once you enable your personal hot spot on your phone you can just go to your bluetooth preferences in your MAC OS and set up your new connection.



  After you do all that you will need to make sure you have a way to power your laptop in your car. I have built in plugs but you might need an adapter so you can plug in your charger. Next thing I do is open Etrade Pro, log in to Twitter and Jason Bond picks chatroom, and turn CNBC on XM and you’re ready to trade!

DISCLAIMER: I’m not driving while doing this 😉